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Version: 0.8.0

Release notes


New Features

  • Optional description argument to consumes and produces decorator implemented (#338), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Consumes and produces decorators now have optional description argument that is used instead of function docstring in async doc generation when specified
  • FastKafka Windows OS support enabled (#326), thanks to @kumaranvpl

    • FastKafka can now run on Windows
  • FastKafka and FastAPI integration implemented (#304), thanks to @kumaranvpl

    • FastKafka can now be run alongside FastAPI
  • Batch consuming option to consumers implemented (#298), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Consumers can consume events in batches by specifying msg type of consuming function as List[YourMsgType]
  • Removed support for synchronous produce functions (#295), thanks to @kumaranvpl

  • Added default broker values and update docs (#292), thanks to @Sternakt

Bugs Squashed

  • Fix index.ipynb to be runnable in colab (#342)

  • Use cli option root_path docs generate and serve CLI commands (#341), thanks to @kumaranvpl

  • Fix incorrect asyncapi docs path on fastkafka docs serve command (#335), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Serve docs now takes app root_path argument into consideration when specified in app
  • Fix typo (supress_timestamps->suppress_timestamps) and remove fix for enabling timestamps (#315)

  • Fix logs printing timestamps (#308)

  • Fix topics with dots causing failure of tester instantiation (#306), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Specified topics can now have "." in their names


New Features

  • Timestamps added to CLI commands (#283), thanks to @davorrunje

  • Added option to process messages concurrently (#278), thanks to @Sternakt

    • A new executor option is added that supports either sequential processing for tasks with small latencies or concurrent processing for tasks with larger latencies.
  • Add consumes and produces functions to app (#274), thanks to @Sternakt

  • Export encoders, decoders from fastkafka.encoder (#246), thanks to @kumaranvpl
  • Create a Github action file to automatically index the website and commit it to the FastKafkachat repository. (#239)
  • UI Improvement: Post screenshots with links to the actual messages in testimonials section (#228)

Bugs Squashed

  • Batch testing fix (#280), thanks to @Sternakt

  • Tester breaks when using Batching or KafkaEvent producers (#279)

  • Consumer loop callbacks are not executing in parallel (#276)


New Features

  • Significant speedup of Kafka producer (#236), thanks to @Sternakt

Bugs Squashed


New Features


  • file updated


New Features

  • Guide for FastKafka produces using partition key (#172), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Closes #161
  • Add support for Redpanda for testing and deployment (#181), thanks to @kumaranvpl

  • Remove bootstrap_servers from init and use the name of broker as an option when running/testing (#134)

  • Add a GH action file to check for broken links in the docs (#163)

  • Optimize requirements for testing and docs (#151)

  • Break requirements into base and optional for testing and dev (#124)

    • Minimize base requirements needed just for running the service.
  • Add link to example git repo into guide for building docs using actions (#81)

  • Add logging for run_in_background (#46)

  • Implement partition Key mechanism for producers (#16)

Bugs Squashed

  • Implement checks for npm installation and version (#176), thanks to @Sternakt

    • Closes #158 by checking if the npx is installed and more verbose error handling
  • Fix the link in (#165)

  • fastkafka docs install_deps fails (#157)

    • Unexpected internal error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'npx'
  • Broken links in docs (#141)

  • fastkafka run is not showing up in CLI docs (#132)


  • Fixed broken links on PyPi index page


New Features

  • Extract JDK and Kafka installation out of LocalKafkaBroker (#131)

  • PyYAML version relaxed (#119), thanks to @davorrunje

  • Replace docker based kafka with local (#68)

    • replace docker compose with a simple docker run (standard should do)
    • replace all tests to use LocalKafkaBroker
    • update documentation

Bugs Squashed

  • Fix broken link for FastKafka docs in index notebook (#145)

  • Fix encoding issues when loading on windows OS (#135)


New Features

  • Replace kafka container with LocalKafkaBroker (#112)
      • Replace kafka container with LocalKafkaBroker in tests
  • Remove kafka container from tests environment
  • Fix failing tests

Bugs Squashed

  • Fix random failing in CI (#109)


  • version update in


New Features

  • Git workflow action for publishing Kafka docs (#78)

Bugs Squashed

  • Include missing requirement (#110)
    • Typer is imported in this file but it is not included in settings.ini
    • Add aiohttp which is imported in this file
    • Add nbformat which is imported in _components/
    • Add nbconvert which is imported in _components/


Bugs Squashed

  • JDK install fails on Python 3.8 (#106)


Initial release